Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talent Management Models

For the last one week - I have been busy with my company "Performance & Potential Evaluation Dialogue" (we call it PPED for short). It is one of tool created for my company Talent Management System. It strike me then .... "What is talent management (TM)? Ooopss ... I don't have the definition! Focusing too much practical, make you loose sight of the the concepts and theories.

Hmmm .... according to Taleo Research, they define Talent Management as is a complex collection of connected HR processes that delivers a simple fundamental benefit for any organization ... and "Talent Drives Performance".

Most people tend to get confuse between succession plan and talent management. In short, succession plan is part of talent management system. Talent management is a bigger picture in the subject of HRM.

I would like to introduce a few TM models - some from consulting firm like Taleo, others are just samples from the Internet and organizations that has invested in TM.

 Resource: http://joshbersin.com/2007/05/11/talent-management-too-important-to-be-delegated-to-hr/

Resource:Grovewell LLC


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